SnowPeeler Premium
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SnowPeeler Premium

Product Code: 3003

Rooftop Snow Removal Tool

  • 30 FT Sectional Handle
  • 15 FT Snow Slide

Product Description

SnowPeeler Premium incorporates a tapered, rectangular cutting blade with an attached vinyl snow slide providing a safer, faster and easier way to clear rooftop snow. With a simple motion, the blade slices through both fresh and hard-packed snow. Snow flows down the slide and off the roof – gravity does the work!  The result is significantly less time and effort to remove snow from your roof up to 2-3 times faster than traditional snow rakes and shovels. SnowPeeler Premium is safe to use on all rooftops and provides a practical, cost-effective solution to protect against snow loading and ice dams.


  • Tapered Cutting Blade 
    • Rectangular, 18 x 8 IN
    • Extruded Aluminum
  • Reversible Frame Adapter
    • Supports ground or rooftop use
  • Curved Handle Adapter
    • Increases effectiveness by 30% with handle lengths over 20 FT
  • 30 FT Sectional Pole Handle
    • Easy to assemble and store
    • (6) 5 FT aluminum poles with quick-snap connectors
  • 15 FT Snow Slide
    • Ideal for low pitch roofs, hard-to-reach valleys and when SnowPeeler is used directly from roof
    • 1 LB counter-weight in tail
    • Tear-resistant vinyl
  • 9 FT Snow Slide
    • Ideal for single story, detached garages and cabins/chalets
    • Tear-resistant vinyl
  • Slide Attachment
    • Minimizes wind drift with 9 FT slide
  • Glide Pads
    • Protects your roof against damage
    • 2.5 IN clearance
  • Commercial-grade Aluminum Construction
  • Stainless-steel Assembly Hardware
    • 12.8 LBS

    Best Use Applications

    • Multi-Story
    • Detached Garage
    • Chalet / Cabin
    • Low Pitch Roofs (4/12 or less)
    • Extended Roof Valleys
    • Direct from Rooftop Use

    2-Year Limited Warranty

    Designed & Manufactured by PolarMade in Canada
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